San Francisco Business Lawyers

The Kabak Law Group is a comprehensive San Francisco business law firm providing the highest quality legal services. We have a core focus on business transactions, business advice and counsel and business disputes. We provide a spectrum of business law services to established companies, entrepreneurs, investors and licensed professionals, including doctors, dentists, medical and dental professionals and brokers.

Business Transactions

As experienced San Francisco Bay Area business lawyers we represent corporations, LLCs, partnerships and entrepreneurs in the purchase and sale of businesses, assets and stock. Our unique San Francisco business law firm provides entrepreneurs, professionals and established businesses with the expertise and accessibility you should be seeking in a business attorney. We have a focused business law practice designed to meet the demands of entrepreneurs and businesses in a range of industries, including licensed professionals such as dentists and doctors in practice transitions as well as engineers and brokers.

Entity Formation

The experienced SF Bay Area business lawyers at Kabak Law Group specialize in business entity formation. Whether you are starting a new business or setting up a legal entity for a preexisting business we provide you with the advice and counsel you require to make an informed decision about the characteristics of your entity choices. We regularly advise, form and maintain California S corporations, LLCs, C Corporations and partnerships. While it may seem as simple as paying a few hundred dollars online to order a corporate or LLC kit, without the creation and ratification of proper documentation such as corporate bylaws, initial organizational minutes, or an LLC operating agreement by appropriate officers, directors or managers at the time of your business entity formation, you may not achieve the limited liability protection you seek by forming an entity. Additionally, there are important state filings required at the time of entity formation and in certain circumstances notice of S election must be filed with the IRS. It is also important to consider that if you have more than one owner/investor in the business entity, you are wise to enter a written shareholder or operating agreement at the time of business startup to clearly govern the disposition of ownership interests when one owner elects to sell or otherwise leaves the business. Proper business planning begins at formation.

Starting a Business

We advise and counsel San Francisco start-ups on a myriad of start-up issues and choices facing the new business and its owners, including entity choice, shareholder agreements, stock issuance, work for hire agreements, among others. Starting a business is the right time to start a long term business relationship with a business attorney, as well as meet other advisers including a CPA, a commercial leasing agent and insurance professionals. Working with our Firm you will have access to the high caliber professionals we regularly collaborate with. Once you are in business, from time to time, you will have legal questions that the dedicated business lawyers at the Kabak Law Group regularly advise upon, including trademark protection, independent contractor agreements, commercial leases, obtaining investment and securing financing. Additionally, when your legal matter is outside the scope of our business law practice, we have trusted legal professionals you can turn to, to address your concerns, whether you require specialized tax counsel, immigration advice or estate planning.

Buying or Selling a Business

We work with established companies and individuals in business sales and purchases. We regularly advise our clients who are not working with a business or practice broker to successfully acquire or sell assets and stock on all aspects of the transaction; or, if you do have a broker, we can simply work as a member of your advisory team. Whether you are a savvy entrepreneur purchasing a business, a new dentist acquiring an established dental practice, a seasoned professional group looking to add an associate, or selling your long standing dental or medical practice, the experienced business attorneys at Kabak Law Group have the legal expertise to ensure your transition is handled professionally.

Business Contracts

Our clients regularly rely on us to draft, review and negotiate clear and complete business agreements. We know that the details are essential and that a successful deal and a long term business relationship are supported by proper written documentation. We analyze all aspects of the transaction and consult with you to craft solutions to sticking points, grey areas and deal breakers. We believe that the best agreements are written in plain English and tailored to the specifics of the transaction the parties have in mind. Our business law practice is flexible to provide you with sound expertise on a variety of contracts, including commercial leases, asset and stock purchases, vendor and customer agreements as well as trademark and other IP agreements. We are problem solvers dedicated to serving the needs of San Francisco Bay Area businesses and professionals.

Trademark Protection

Kabak Law Group has extensive experience representing established businesses and individuals on all aspects of trademark protection. We regularly work with our clients on brand protection conducting trademark search, clearance and registration. We have broad experience maintaining valuable trademark portfolios in a range of industries. We represent clients in trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings before the United States Trademark Office and in trademark disputes in federal and state courts. Whether your business needs to file trademark applications to protect your brand or you need to enforce your trademark rights against an unscrupulous competitor, we have the experience and know-how to effectively preserve your trademark rights.

Commercial Leases

At the Kabak Law Group you will find what you are looking for in dedicated and capable commercial lease attorneys. We regularly conduct commercial lease preparation, negotiation and review for our clients, both landlords and tenants. We approach commercial lease agreements with the expectation that commercial leases should be tailored to meet the requirements of the parties to the agreement. Whether you are seeking advice and counsel to close on a long term triple net commercial lease, a short term gross lease, whether you would like to hire us to negotiate your lease transaction with the other side’s lawyers from inception to ratification, or you are simply looking for an experienced San Francisco Bay Area commercial lease lawyer to collaborate with you and your real estate broker behind the scenes, we can assist you in successfully and efficiently completing your commercial lease transaction. You may want to talk to us about the length and content of the lease and attachments, the duration of the lease term, understanding your option to renew, tenant improvements, the quality of the original lease presented, whether the lease requires substantial modification and the amount of negotiation to be expected between the parties.

Business Disputes

Business relationships and transactions do not always turn out as expected. We provide dedicated, effective and when appropriate aggressive legal representation to businesses and individuals in pre-lawsuit negotiations, court proceedings as well as mediation and arbitration forums. Kabak Law Group business attorneys provide experienced legal counsel about rights under contract, breach of contract claims, business torts, trademark infringement, commercial lease and real estate disputes. When business dealings go awry, it is best to have an established relationship with a business attorney to immediately evaluate your situation. Don’t wait until you absolutely need a business lawyer to resolve a problem to obtain legal counsel. The best practice is to establish a long term ongoing relationship with a business law firm you like and trust, which knows your business and can assist you with regular business planning to avoid disputes. By choosing the Kabak Law Group, when a San Francisco bay area business dispute arises, you will have an experienced, accessible and diligent lawyer familiar with you and your business to represent your best interests.

Real Estate

In addition to our strong business law focus, we offer a range of real estate legal services, representing landlords and commercial tenants in real estate purchase and sales, commercial leases and disputes. Principal and founding attorney Matthew L. Kabak is a California licensed real estate broker and frequently advises real estate brokerage firms and their principals on transactions and disputes.

From our offices in downtown San Francisco, Kabak Law Group business attorneys are dedicated to delivering the highest quality business law services throughout California and the San Francisco Bay Area.